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NEWS: Starting 2021 with Powertrain Approval

Solenoid valves with TSG omega terminal has been powertrain approved

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IDC Thin Wire Terminal Connector - TSG omega srl

Our management start develop new IDC Thin Wire Terminal Connector system in 2009. During 2010 and 2011 we had done first samples with automatic winding and assembling process. In a mean time, by an external labor was performed electrical test in order to prove and confirm our IDC connection solution.

TSG omega terminals are patented!

Thanks' to our management experience in this sector activity, and our customers trust with full open cooperation, our first customer using TSG omega terminal enjoy us beginning 2014!

End of 2015 we open our activity in Italy — TSG omega Srl, for European market Customers.

IDC - TSG omega

Thanks to our TSG omega connection solution, we will be in a position to connect, with the same terminal and same pocket dimension, a wide range of magnet wire diameter.

Application range: 0,030-0,51 mm / 48-24 AWG


  • Standard Enamelled Magnet Wire.
  • Mechanical insertion process – “green” cold process.
  • Link connection between magnet wire and terminal without any electrical or soldering welding device system.
  • Clean metal-to-metal interface produces stable, gas-tight electrical terminations free of oxides and other contaminants.
  • Magnet wire maintain the technical and mechanical characteristic.
  • Magnet wire will be not annealing due to welding process.
  • Wide electric contact area.
  • Two side beam electric contact area.
  • Beams work as a spring on the magnet wire and assure a line voltage against temperature changing and vibration.
  • Beams forms connected to our TSG system allow a progressive connection about magnet wire, result will be a safety connection even with very thin wire.
  • Comply with RoHS directive for manufacture n° 2002/95/EC, AND end of live vehicles directive ELV n° 2000-53-EC, AND directive WEEE regarding recycling and recover of electrical goods, directive n° 2002/96/EC.

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