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TSG omega IDC connection solution, crossover all previous solutions limits and in a mean time may present some advantage in terms of, economical, environment and quality.

Quality improvement

Wide application range, starting from ø 0,03 mm magnet wire diameter – 48AWG! One terminal and one pocket dimension!

Increasing of contact area and connection reliability between magnet wire and TSG terminal, thanks to our wide contact area without welding!

Increasing of performance connected to vibration and temperature shock!

Increasing of performance, due to electric peak, in a connection point!

For example, a TSG terminal connection with magnet wire diameter 0,045 mm, compare to welding solution, products reliability connection increase between 20 till 30% with TSG terminal solution.

Environment accordance

IDC connection work with all magnet wire enamelled, including thin Magnet Wire diameter, without welding – soldering and with any contamination!

Furthermore "Poke-In" mechanical connection between Lead Wire and TSG omega terminal available.

Without emission about substance related to welding - soldering or enamelled removing.

Product using our connection will be full in according to Europeans and Internationals norm, in one word “green”.

Economical benefit

No welding machine is more required, and any special one for Thin Magnet Wire, no sophisticated welding machine process, no purchasing cost!

No cost connected to previous point for process control and machine maintenance are more required.

Reduction about cost connected to process reject due to welding process and other assembly operation.

No skin wire device is more request and necessary for thin Magnet Wire and connected controls and maintenance.

One article, with wide range of application: 0,030 - 0,51 mm / 48-24 AWG


Thanks to our connection solution we will be in a position to connect, with the same terminal and same pocket dimension, a wide range of magnet wire diameter.

Bild   Magnet Wire diameter 0,030 / 48 AWG
Bild    Magnet Wire diameter 0,045 mm / 45 AWG
 Bild3    Magnet Wire diameter 0,14 mm / 35 AWG
Bild4   Alluminium Magnet Wire diameter 0,56 mm / 23 AWG
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